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Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50249110E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 350 C – the updated GS 35 C model, the only difference is the presence of a catalyst...
Ex Tax:185.95€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50189151E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 371, developed using the same technologies used in powerful chainsaws...
Ex Tax:219.01€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50179231E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 411, developed using the same technologies used in powerful chainsaws...
Ex Tax:288.43€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50239152E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 451 is a model of medium power, quite compact, yet capable of withstanding intense loads...
Ex Tax:387.60€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50089022E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS520 ideally combines relatively low weight and sufficient power, which is enough for daily work on the farm. ..
Ex Tax:495.04€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50029127E5
Chainsaw GS 630 In response to high customer demand, Oleo-Mac has created the option to update the popular 962 saw to meet EURO 5 emissions..
Ex Tax:660.33€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50259100E2
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS651 professional with sufficient power, which is sufficient for daily work on the farm..
Ex Tax:602.48€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 54030018
Quick charger 40V, 2.5Ah - 50min, 5.0Ah - 70min..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 1800792
Oleo-Mac SCA 38R practical and convenient aerator with 3.5kW RATO engine for private use in gardens up to 1000 m2. Aerator Oleo-Mac SCA 38 R is designed for soil aeration and cleaning from last year's grass, small waste and moss...
697.00€ 749.00€
Ex Tax:576.03€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 50359001E5
EasyOn type starter: makes starting the engine easier, eliminating the risk of kickback, reducing operator effort.Ergonomic and well-balanced, the new pruning chainsaw stands out for being easy to use in any working position without tiring the operator.Anti-vibration system made with 3 spring shock ..
Ex Tax:205.79€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 54030001*
Battery OM 40V-2,5Ah - 54030001* - Battery products..
Ex Tax:74.38€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 54030002
Battery OM 40V-5,0Ah - 54030002 - Battery products..
Ex Tax:128.10€
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