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Warranty conditions

1. All goods purchased at have a manufacturer's warranty.

2. The manufacturer's warranty period for goods shall be at least 24 months for natural persons.

3. Information about the manufacturer's warranty period for the specific product can be found in the product description

whether it is possible to ask customer consultant.

4. The warranty does not apply to goods or parts thereof that are subject to natural wear and tear.

5. The right to file a claim is valid if the product was used only in the intended ones

circumstances and intended purposes.

6. Legal entities are provided only with the warranty period specified by the Manufacturer.

7. Please be informed that the terms of the manufacturer's warranty are valid if the buyer can present:

7.1. a document confirming the purchase (check, bill of lading);

7.2. manufacturer 's or distributor' s warranty card (if included by the manufacturer or distributor)

goods included);

7.3. You can find information about certified manufacturer service centers from the manufacturer or distributor

warranty card, by calling the manufacturer's representative office or indicated on the product packaging

distributor, or by calling +371 29284998 or writing to e-mail:

8. The terms of the manufacturer's warranty do not apply to damage caused by the buyer or

through no fault of the user and are:

8.1. the product has damage to warranty seals, serial numbers;

8.2. the product has not been used for its intended purpose and has not been operated as specified

in the instructions for use of the goods;

8.3. various mechanical damages that affect the quality of use of the product;

8.4. if the damage is caused by the non-compliance of the supply voltage cable networks with the ones specified by the manufacturer

standards due to misused fuel or lubricants;

8.5. if the product shows traces of unqualified repairs, arbitrary engine adjustment;

8.6. in cases of natural wear of elements;

8.7. if the product uses non - standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts which

the manufacturer has not certified for use with the specified product, and if it has caused damage to this product;

8.8. if the goods have been used by the buyer for production or professional purposes (in the case of the

the product is not intended for such purposes);

8.9. the warranty does not work if the damage has occurred as a result of incorrect transportation of the goods.

9. In case the goods are damaged, the buyer has the following options:

9.1. go to the service center indicated on the manufacturer 's or distributor' s warranty card (with

proof of purchase and warranty card) - we recommend as the fastest goods

damage prevention option;

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