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Zāģa ķēde 3/8 1,3 52 zobi LOWPRO 52, OREGON

Piemērota zāģiem ar 35 cm sliedi:

Fit for models:

HUSQVARNA - 120 MARK II, 120I, 135, 136, 137, 140, 1400, 140S, 141, 142, 1600, 23, 235, 235E, 240, 240E, 243, 249, 316 ELECTRIC, 33, 334T, 335, 335XPT, 336, 338XPT, 339XP, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 41, 436 LI, 536 LIXP, Electric 16, T435, T536 LIXP, T540, T540XP

ECHO - CS-2511T, CS-280E, CS-280EP, CS-290, CS-300, CS-3000, CS-300EVL, CS-301, CS-3015, CS-302, CS-302S, CS-303T, CS-305, CS-306, CS-310, CS-315, CS-330EVL, CS-330MX4, CS-330T, CS-340, CS-3400, CS-341, CS-345, CS-3450, CS-346, CS-351, CS-3510, CS-352, CS-355T, CS-360, CS-360T, CS-361P, CS-370, CS-370F, CS-370T, CS-400, CS-400F, ECS-2000, ECS-3000, PPF-225, PPF-280, PPT-2620, PPT-265, PPT-265H, PPT-265S, PPT-266, PPT-266H, PPT-266S, PPT-280

MAKITA - 5012B, 5014NB, 5016NB, DCS330S, DCS330TH, DCS34, DCS340, DCS341, DCS3416, DCS3500, DCS3501, DCS390, DCS390S, DCS400, DCS401, DCS4300, DCS4301, DUC353, EA3200S, EA3200SRBB, EA3201S, EA3201S35B, EA3201S40B, EA3500S, EA3500SRDB, EA3501S, EA3501S40B, EA3600F, EA3601F, EA3601FRDB, EA4300F40B, EA4300F45C, UC3030A, UC3041A, UC3050A, UC3051A, UC3500, UC3530A, UC3550A, UC3551A, UC4000, UC4030A, UC4050A, UC4051A, UC4550A, UC4551A, XCU03, XCU04

RYOBI - RY3714, RY405010, RY40503, RY40530, RY43006, RY36CSX35A


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