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Trimmers, brushcutters

BC 223B
-12 %
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 223B
AL-KO BC 223 B25,4cm³ 0,75kW 6,2kg..
129.00€ 146.00€
Ex Tax:106.61€
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 233L
BC 223 L25,4cm³ 0,75kW 5,9kg..
Ex Tax:86.78€
BC 330 B
-19 %
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 330 B
AL-KO BC 330 B32,6cm³ 0,9kW 7,5kg ..
136.00€ 168.00€
Ex Tax:112.40€
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 331 MT MULTITOOL
BC 331 MT MULTITOOL32,6cm³/ 0,9kW/ 7,8kg..
Ex Tax:242.98€
BC 400B Comfort
-20 %
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 400B Comfort
BC 400 B Comfort39,8 cm³/1,25kW/7,5kg..
150.00€ 188.00€
Ex Tax:123.97€
BC 500B Premium
-19 %
Brand: AL-KO Model: BC 500B Premium
 BC 500 B Premium50.8 ccm/1.9 kW) Weigt - 7,5 kg..
169.00€ 209.00€
Ex Tax:139.67€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Model: BC 530T
BC 530T 52,5 cm³/2,4kW/3,3zs, 9,4kg, spole, asmens, uzkabe..
Ex Tax:495.04€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Model: BC 550 MASTER
BC 550 MASTER52,5 cm³/2,4kW/3,3zs, 9,9kg, spole, asmens, uzkabe..
Ex Tax:552.89€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Model: BCH 250T
BCH 250T25,4cm3 /0,9kW/1,2zs, 6,4kg, spole, asmens 3T..
Ex Tax:147.93€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Model: BCi 30
BCi 30 TrimmerisAkumulātors 40V-2,5/5,0AhSvars 3,5 KgAkumulātors +Lādētājs nav komplektā..
Ex Tax:140.50€
Brand: Efco Model: DSH 4000T
DSH 4000T40,2cm³ 1,5kW/2,0zs  8,2kg  spole, asmens, uzkabe..
Ex Tax:222.31€
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