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Aspen 2 is an alkylate gasoline that is premixed with 2% biodegradable two-stroke engine oil and is suitable for two-stroke engines in chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, mopeds, lawn mowers, circular saws and other land equipment. The oil used in Aspen 2 has been selected and developed with the future in mind. It is completely synthetic, 60% of its composition is derived from renewable resources, it is biodegradable (more than 80% after 28 days) and does not contain soot and solvents. This oil ensures special engine cleanliness and optimal lubrication regardless of engine temperature.


Aspen 4 is an oil-free alkylate gasoline that is suitable for four-stroke engines of lawn mowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, motorboats and other equipment. Conventional gasoline contains ethanol, which attracts moisture and can cause engine failure. Aspen alkylate gasoline does not contain ethanol, so it is ideal for use, for example, in the marine environment. To use Aspen alkylate gasoline in your two-stroke outboard, simply mix Aspen 4 gasoline with outboard oil. To reduce the impact on the environment, choose a biodegradable oil.

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