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High pressure washers

High pressure washers
Brand: Stiga Product code: 8008984837461
Augstspiediena mazgātājs ar asinhrono elektromotoru, maksimālais spiediens 145 bar un plūsmas ātrums līdz 450 l/h...
Ex Tax:285.12€
Augstspiediena mazgātājs Stiga HPS 650 RG Augstspiediena mazgātājs Stiga HPS 650 RG
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Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 68509091
High pressure washer PW115C - 68509091 - High pressure washers..
Ex Tax:123.97€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 68509101
High pressure washer PW125C - 68509101 - High pressure washers..
Ex Tax:156.20€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 68509150
High pressure washer PW140C - 68509150 - High pressure washers..
Ex Tax:172.73€
Brand: Oleo-Mac Product code: 68509151
High pressure washer PW150C - 68509151 - High pressure washers..
Ex Tax:230.58€
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